Mobistealth Spyware Source: Cell phone and PC monitoring

One you install the software, all activities on the cell phone or PC are monitored and recorded at the Mobistealth Spyware source. The Mobistealth spyware is a very easy to use software that will give you total surveillance control over the target device. All the technological advances has made the world smaller, but it is also a much more dangerous place to live in. the Mobistealth spyware will help you watch out for your loved ones using the amazing surveillance features in it.


Like any other simple to use software, the Mobistealth spyware is easy to download and install in any PC or cell phone. The only thing you will require in advance is the target device. The software downloads quickly and you can then install it into the cell phone or PC after which it becomes 100% undetectable. All the activities then get logged at the Mobistealth spyware source.

When you purchase the software, you get an online Mobistealth user ID and password. This is the Mobistealth spyware source and all of the activities are sent directly here. There are several features of the spyware such as:

  • Call recording and playback at the Mobistealth spyware source, even deleted logs.
  • Logs of the call details like the call; duration, date and time will be sent to the Mobistealth spyware source and you will also receive the number to or from which the call was made.
  • Mobistealth can log the videos in the cell phone and you can watch each one of them.
  • All the incoming and outgoings SMSs are sent to the Mobistealth spyware source along with the time and date.
  • In a PC, the URL history is sent to the user account even if the browsing history has been deleted. All the websites ever visited can be viewed by the user can be seen at the Mobistealth spyware source.
  • You can also block some websites and applications and prevent download from the sites.
  • All the pictures being exchanged through the phone can also be seen at the Mobistealth spyware source.
  • The mobile location can be tracked using the GPS and the exact location is transmitted to the Mobistealth spyware source.

There are numerous more features of this spyware and your can view them at the Mobistealth website.

When installed, the Mobistealth spyware takes as little as 1 MB of storage space.