Mobistealth – Track a cell phone


MobiStealth is a simple software used to track cellphones among other things. Here i try to put in a simple picture of how Mobistealth actually tracks a cell phone in real life scenario.The image above shows exactly how the tracking process works. Lets say ┬ásimply that a the Mobistealth software is installed on the cellphone depicted above. GPS is always going to give you the location of the mobile phone. The location is Transferred to an internet server (in this case the mobistealth server) automatically every few minutes. Now the information is easily accessible from your account on Mobistealth website. Thats all to the entire spy software from the non technical point of view. What goes under the whole process is Entirely the technical side. Everything from hiding the Software on the mobile phone to Transferring images and SMS’s to the Server… everything is handled by Mobistealth.