Mobistealth vs eBlaster

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Mobistealth and eBlaster are both spywares that are butting heads in market that aids in accessing parental control features for kids with cell phones. If you are in a dilemma to choose either of the one, read on to get a clearer outlook on each of the products.


Mobistealth vs eBlaster – which is best spyware???

For parents or employers who are dealing with difficult kids or troublesome employees, here’s the best solution for you. With the rise in smart phones and the drastic impact it brings on the lives of teenagers, it could be a parent’s worst nightmare coming true.

But, parents are moving to a safe mode by ordering spywares which ensures them to track their children’s location and conversations, to keep them away from any endangering situations. Some of the pros and cons of Mobistealth and eBlaster are mentioned here.

Download application:

Mobistealth can be downloaded from any website. Unlike what general consensus thinks, Mobistealth does not offer any trial run for the application but there’s an option of “money back guarantee” and a trial period of 15 days which means if you are not satisfied with the app, you will be reimbursed fully. eBlaster, on the other side, needs to be purchased and downloaded from their official website only.

Calls and Conversations:

Calls and conversations on the phone can be easily recorded and stored in the online account. In fact, you can just about record anything on your kid’s phone. By sending a text message on your kid’s phone, the mic starts to pick up any conversation happening and records them to your online account. Mobistealth also keeps a track of sms conversations, websites that have been visited etc. apart from the call recording facility even though they have been deleted from your kid’s phone history.

The tools on eBlaster lets you keep a close surveillance about each and every on going routines of your kids such as call logs, duration of the calls, text messages, websites visited recently etc. If you want instant alerts on your email, you can set them accordingly which will give you prompt updates on your mail address of a sms or thumbnail view of an image.

GPS tracking:

Both Mobistealth and eBlaster support GPS tracking which notifies you of your kid’s current surroundings. Another best feature is geogencing in eBlaster. Apart from the locations chosen by you such as school, home or malls, if your kid lurks around some unknown area, you will be notified about it.

Blocking features:

Sadly, Mobistealth does not support blocking features of certain websites in the phones. eBlaster covers this category completely by helping you to look up through 150 categories of content such as tobacco, nudity etc. You can select from the categories and block them completely to prevent access to your child.


While Mobistealth is compatible in any smart phones such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows mobile or symbian series, eBlaster gels with only a few of the handsets which needs to be looked upon carefully.