Mobistealth Vs LAN spy software

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Mobistealth and LAN spy softwares are both monitoring softwares to avoid malpractices. Mobistealth is a software that can be used on computers and cell phones while LAN spy can be used only on computers. There are several features which are unique to each spyware and you can choose the one which is best for your needs.



  • Mobistealth can log Yahoo, MSN and Skype chats and also Skype call recordings. The time, date, duration and content of the chats and calls can be viewed in such a way.
  • Mobistealth also gives you screen shots of the PC and also the location can be viewed.
  • Keystroke logging is another main feature of Mobistealth. When particular keywords are used, you will get the alerts.
  • The URL of the website being searched can be seen and also the web history even if it has been deleted. These information are saved at the source to make this action possible.
  • Calls, message, pictures and videos can be recorded and sent to the Mobistealth user account from a phone. The call can be replayed, the time, date, duration and number can be seen.
  • Logs of the messages sent and received from the phone, along with date, time and phone number can be viewed using Mobistealth.
  • GPS tracking of the phone can be done using Mobistealth to remotely track the phone and do actions like activating the microphone, wiping all information, etc.


  • LAN Spy is a local area network surveillance software and it can be used to monitor employees, children, spouses, etc.
  • The LAN Spy monitors computer screens, one at a time or all.
  • LAN Spy has keystroke logging as well for particular keywords and record message4s sent with any chat messenger or any email account.
  • LAN Spy can record all the website addresses and online addresses that have been typed in, website and application user types, document contents, etc.
  • Network traffic can be recorded and you can set speed limits using the LAN spy.
  • You can also remotely control the laptop to copy or rename files, terminate programs which are running and forbid the running of some programs, etc.
  • LAN spy has no mobile application features.