Mobistealth Vs Stealth Genie: Which is the better tracker?

Mobistealth Vs Stealth Genie: Which is the better tracker?

Mobistealth and Stealth Genie are two Cell phone monitoring softwares that can make sure that your wards are safe. These softwares can also be used to make sure that your kids or employees are not into any illegal activities. Mobistealth and Stealth Genie both have several features that makes mobile tracking a very easy process.


Mobistealth can let you view all the text messages that are sent or received in the phone you are tracking. You can also see the date and time of the messages using the Mobistealth software. Mobistealth also lets you view Whatsapp messages and the email alerts and mails sent and received on the phone. You can also use Mobistealth to monitor incoming and outgoing calls on the phone.

Stealth Genie can be used for this purpose as well and also redirect messages to your phone. The feature has not been verified yet. It also claims that the stealth Genie can help you send messages from your phone to any contacts of the person whose phone is being tracked without the knowledge of that person. Another unverified feature.

There is a Spycall option on the Mobistealth software which means that you can listen in to conversations and surrounding even if the device is not being used for a call. Stealth Genie can do this function of bugging as well.

Mobistealth can be used to see the person’s calender details so that you can know any scheduled meeting before hand. The phone’s location can also be immediately noted using the GPS feature of the Mobistealth. This will help you find its location and also to remotely wipe the phone’s memory.

Mobistealth has a feature called the reverse phone look up which can be used to find the identity of the person who uses an unknown phone number to contact you. You can use this tool of the Mobistealth software without answering the phone to know who the person is. You can get their name, address, age, gender, etc. this option is not available on the Stealth Genie.

Mobistealth can work on any version of iPhone while Stealth Genie can work only upto the version 6.0. Stealth Genie cannot block any websites. Stealth Genie does not let the person from installing apps on the phone either. Mobistealth is the better option in all aspects. Mobistealth works as a better phone tracker than Stealth Genie with full tech support as well.