How to monitor a cell phone

Monitor a cell phone? Spying on Android phones, Blackberry, iPhones? Mobile Spying is made easier with the features of the mobile spying software. Mobile spying or Cell phone monitoring are actually the same. The ways adopted in doing the spying or monitoring can be different according to the demands. For parents, this is helpful in monitoring their child’s activities. For employers, it is a performance analysis tool as well as employee monitoring support. For some others, it will be to monitor the whereabouts of the elders or aged people. Anyhow the mobile spying software or cell phone monitoring software is an effective tool for tracking.


How do we monitor a cell phone or mobile phone? The requirement to facilitate the tracking involves the adequate features in the device (mobile or cell phone) and internet connection. The necessary requirements are:

  • The mobile phone or cell phone to be monitored should have the enhanced features that support the installation of tracking apps and should be connected to internet. Smart phones have all the necessary features which support any type of mobile spywares.
  • Choose the best spying software that meet your tracking or monitoring requirements and is affordable. Some of the popular and user friendly spying software include Stealthgenie, Mobistealth, Mobile Spy, Rio Spy, Easy Spy Pro, Spy Era etc.
  • Once the choice is made, open an account at the site. The details captured from the monitored cell phone are uploaded to the web database of the connected monitoring site. This information can be viewed from any computer or from another mobile phone by logging to the site. To validate the account, a valid email address is mandatory.
  • Mostly the mobile spy software is subscription based with a normal subscription fees or can be downloaded and used for a period of time by paying fees.
  • The spying apps have to be installed in the required cell phone which has to be monitored. The installation steps will be provided while opening the account. The installation guidelines will contain the full instructions with pictures on how install on different types of devices.

Now, the cell phone to be monitored can be tracked using the surveillance tools available with the software. Analyze the need for tracking and the features available with each software and opt for the best one which can satisfy the requirements.