Monitoring employees at work

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Are you working or just idling out during working time? Do you know you are being monitored remotely by your manager? Yes, employee monitoring has been made easier with the mobile spy software. Many businesses have employees working out in the field. These people will be provided with company owned smart phones for managing projects, sending emails, sharing files and readily accessible at any point of time. It becomes a must to track these employees for the common benefits of the company.


Mobile Spywares is very helpful in monitoring the employees and there by improve the productivity of employees. The features essential for monitoring employees include

  • Text Message Logging: Logs or records all text messages sent, received and deleted on the monitored cell phone
  • Social Networking Logs: All activities from various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp will be recorded and viewed.
  • YouTube Videos: Records the link of the viewed or watched YouTube Videos on the cell phone.
  • Web Activity: Tracks or logs all URL addresses that are visited using the browser on the monitored cell phone
  • Application Blocking: This facility allows blocking of access to certain applications using the monitored mobile
  • Photo and Video Log: Logs all the videos and photos viewed, received and sent
  • Messenger Logs: All chats from Yahoo, Blackberry, GTalk, AOL, and Windows Live are logged and viewed.
  • GPS location Logs: The travel route covered by the employee is recorded with the help of GPS location services. It contains the time stamp and the exact location information.
  • Email Logs: All inbound and outbound emails are recorded for further use.
  • SMS Commands: The monitored cell phone can be locked or instructed to send the current GPS location with an SMS command.
  • Phone Call Info: Records information on each incoming and outgoing phone call with the time stamp.
  • Record Surroundings: A command from the control panel can help us to record audio clips of the phone’s surroundings.

Tracking employees is essential for enhancing employee productivity which in turn helps in the business development of the company. Mobile Spy software can be installed with or without the knowledge of the employees. Different companies have different needs for employee tracking, but mobile spy software should have all the features required for tracking an employee.