Real time cell phone tracking

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Real time cell phone tracking helps you to track your child’s location at real time i.e. live and exact location of the child.

Why should you get real time GPS trackers?

It is indeed a relief when a piece of your heart is safe and secure. By using GPS trackers, you can just use the internet browser and track your child’s location. You can do this by simply attaching a device on your child such as belt or watch for ensuring much needed safety. The GPS technology has become so much advanced that you can track them real time i.e. as and when they are on the move.


No matter how much we try, protecting your child from unpredictable situations cannot be avoided. When you keep a GPS tracker, you are able to view all the locations they have been and they are currently moving to. If in case your kid is moving into a dangerous neighborhood, you will be immediately notified about it by sms or by mails.

There are many GPS tracking devices or mobile spywares that help with two way communication i.e. in case of emergency or medical help, you can speak directly to your child. Currently, Amber Alert GPS device, Spark Nano 4.0 and PocketFinder Personal GPS locator are the top real time cell phone tracking devices.

Real time cell phone tracking companies often offer such as wrist watches, belts etc. For example, when you use Amber Alert GPS system actively, it can give you the real time information every five minutes. The battery is rechargeable and will last usually upto 48 hours. When in standy, it can last up to five days.

When you use real time cell phone tracking, make sure you can create your own zone in the device i.e. safe zone and forbidden zone. You can also make sure that there are enough indicators in the device such as battery life, signal strength etc.

Certain Real time cell phone GPS tracking companies include special accessories apart from arm band, pouch to attach the device to your kid’s bag. It also comes in different colors and designs as per one’s taste.

While ordering a real time cell phone tracking, check for warranty period and customer support. For example, Amber Alert GPS gives you 1 year warranty on their products whereas PocketFinder offers 6 months warranty.

Real time cell phone tracking is a definite necessity for parents who are working and often stay away from home. This can be a good option to keep an eye on your child.