Reviews On eBlaster Mobile Software

Reviews On eBlaster Mobile Software

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eBlaster mobile is targeted for parents who want to monitor the mobile usage of their children. It can also be used to track co-workers, employees or cheating spouses. This software works both on android smart phones or tablets. The instant notification facility that is there in eBlaster keeps parents or other users informed on the activities of their wards. Copies of all text messages and photographs are sent back to the parents. These are sent back even if the messages are deleted. Apart form text and photos, information on the websites visited, GPS or cell site location, details on all incoming and outgoing calls are all collected and organized into an activity report and sent to the given email address. The frequency of the reports is chosen by the customer. It could be every 10 or 20 minutes or even once daily. eBlaster software has been developed by Spectorsoft who are experts in the PC surveillance field.


Benefits of using the software

  • Once installed, the software cannot be traced on the target phone, not even in the control panel. Hence once installed the software cannot be traced easily.
  • Settings like change of email id, frequency of notifications sent or the activities to be recorded can be changed remotely without accessing to the phone where the software is installed
  • The activities can be recorded even if the phone is thousands of miles away.
  • All text messages, the web history which includes all the web pages visited, location of the target phone users, and a voice call log are all available. From this it is helpful to trace any inappropriate activities of children, colleagues etc. The voice log can display the contact phone number, time and length of call. Text messages too display the phone number, time and content of the text.
  • eBlaster has online access and tamper-proof stealth technology making it convenient and secure.
  • Geofencing is another good feature of eBlaster. A virtual fence can be created using the GPS around areas where the target is likely to venture. Different geofences can be defined at different places on a particular day and on different days of the week.

Limitations of the software

  • The cost of eBlaster is about $69.95 for 1 year’s license which is slightly high. There are other cheaper softwares available with more or less similar features.
  • The software does not work when the phone is switched off or when the phone is rooted. In both these situations, no alert is received.
  • The software also cannot check what apps including malicious apps are being downloaded.
  • Although user agreement specifies that the user of the phone on which the software is to be installed should be informed, this rarely happens. Most of the installations are done discretely without their knowledge.
  • Instant messages can be received by contacting the web-based admin site and request for instant reports, but the URL is rather long and a bit hard to access.