SMS Tracker For Mobile Spying & Mobistealth Features

The technological world has witnessed a number of innovations in the form of advanced electronic devices which are capable of carrying out many functions which was previously possible by a personal computer. Mobile spywares were introduced to monitor the activities of these devices and to keep them from being misused. The software was developed mainly to meet the needs of parent and employers who want to monitor the usage of the devices and to ensure that it is not misused.


Mobile Spyware has a number of features which help a person to monitor the use of another device. It monitors almost every aspect of the working of a smartphone or a tablet. The most common function of the spyware is to record all the activities happening through the device. The common activities which happen are the sending of texts and calls. The spyware records all the information which is sent or received through the device.

The spyware records the number of SMS texts sent and received by the user. It records all the aspects of a text message like the content of the message, the parties involved, date and the time of sending or receiving. The records are stored in an exclusive database which can be accessed by the client. Similarly the calls are also tracked to the extent of the parties, date and time. Advanced spyware provides the option to record the calls and store it for future monitoring by the client.

Some of the other features of the software include the accessing of tracking of the e-mails sent and received through the device. The software can also track the user with GPS and give an option to monitor the movement of the device on a real time basis and is generally plotted in a map. The software also enables access to the files in the device which can be images, videos and contacts. These files can be accessed by the client.

These are some of the interesting feature of the Mobile Spywares and can be very useful for parents in keeping an eye on their kids activities through devices like smartphone and tablets. It is also helpful for employers to see that the company provided devices are not misused.