Spy For Mobile Phone Why You need them

Spy Softwares for Mobile phones are common these days. Though your vendors come up with a lot of security features, they fall short of many of them too. Not all vendors (big and small) are able to provide the service of tracking and more for free and they wouldnt want the hassle of dealing with monthly payments of $20 and $30 every month. More over, their core business is elsewhere. So there are are plenty of other vendors specialized in Spy sofwares for Mobile phones. To name a few are mobistealth, Spyera and Fexispy. Now there are at least 100s of others but these are the popular ones as of writing this article.


Now lets consider why you need a spy software in the first place.

  1. Lost phone. Now you need to track it back. The spy software will provide you a gps Location of the phone
  2. Track children : Your kids are at school but you are always worried about their wherabouts and safety. You can track them with a spy softare
  3. Call and Message logging. : You can know who called the target phone or whom the target phone is communicating with at any point of time

Basically its more of a security feature but then you call it a spy software because the owner of the target phone is usually not aware of its existence.