Spy on iphone text messages

Did you know most people use Text messages to communicate important information? Office employees have been known to transfer important company information regarding sale and deals through text messages to competition. Now you can Spy on iphone text messages using spy softwares. Softwares are now available to track text messages and spy on iphone text messages easily with a simple application installed on the iphone. The application is not detected normally by the phone users and its efficient and easy to use.


Companies need not spend 1000’s of dollars to track mobile phone activities on their employees now. A text message, Phone call or video recording on an iphone is just a click away for a track. Easily download , install and track for as long as you like with softwares like mobistealth or flexispy.

So what does a spy on iphone text message do? Simple. It logs every message sent and received to the iphone the moment tracking begins. Every message is logged on to a database with time and date. you can track messages for months together without the iphone user having a clue about it. Is it legal? yes to an extent it is . If the mobile phone is owned by the company, its legal to install tracking softwares on the mobile. Not otherwise.