Stealth GPS Tracker for Cheaters

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The technology is advanced beyond expectations. It is now easy to keep track on anything or anyone at anytime of the day. There is no need to pay for spies to do any tracking job for you. There are many spyware that helps to keep track on any happenings on a mobile phone. Of the lot Stealth spyware is the popular one. Once the spyware is installed in a mobile phone, the calls, messages, chat records, multimedia files, internet files, contacts, calendars etc are all monitored, and the details are sent to the spy’s online spyware account at regular intervals. The spy is able to access them anywhere where there is an internet connection. The most important use of the Stealth spyware is tracking the GPS location of the target phone.


Stealth GPS Tracker is useful for domestic and business purposes. The software can be installed in the phone and will be useful later to track the phone in case of a theft of it is lost. This software is popular in catching cheaters who cannot abide to the rules set by their spouses or employees. The spouses can keep track on the cheaters who are regular liars and they can be caught red handed with the detailed GPS locations of a time span.

With the Stealth GPS Tracker, an area can be marked as restricted or safe and if the target phone travels into or out of those areas instant alert is sent to the spy’s phone. This will help the parents, spouses, and employers to know if the person targeted is within the boundaries or has crossed it. The notifications may be sent as message, email or as both as per preference. Stealth GPS Tracker sends the location details with picture, altitude, and longitude. Even the travel routes to reach each point or destination is also clearly marked or highlighted. The location details will also have the time and date of every location they have travelled. The history of all the details is sent to the online account regularly.

Stealth GPS Tracker records everything silently without notifying the target and sent the details to the spy. With all these details one can monitor the activities of targeted phone/the person is doing anything unusual or being regular in their job, leisure, study etc.