Stealthgenie – Sms spy software

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Stealthgenie is the most powerful mobile phone spy and tracking software that tracks all the activities of any Blackberry or android phone. The application is user friendly and easy to install. Once you have installed Stealthgenie, you need to login. Once you login, the phone’s usage information and its exact location can be viewed from anywhere in the world within minutes provided that you should login from a computer.



  • Calls can be tracked
  • SMS messages can be tracked
  • Track their GPS location
  • Emails can be read
  • Chat conversations are monitored
  • Monitors their internet activities
  • Access to contacts and calendar activities
  • Instant alerts can be set when the monitored phone communicates with a specific number
  • Uploaded data can be viewed

Spy on SMS Message:

Stealthgenie enables you to track the sms messages sent and received on the monitored phone. If your child is always busy texting on the phone, you can simply login to Stealthgene and verify what you child is texting and receiving. Stealthgenie allows you to know the truth of any sms or chat conversations. Logging in to Stealhgenie also helps in monitoring WhatsApp conversations. Stealthgenie finds out the names and numbers of people with whom they are chatting. As whats app enables you to send images and videos, Stealthgenie gets access to any photos and videos that you have sent or received and at the target place where you have saved them.


  • When you login to Stealthgenie spyware, you can monitor the target phone’s inbox and sent message from it.
  • Easy access to read all the messages and their contents.
  • Once you have downloaded Stealthgenie, the names and numbers of all SMS recipients and senders will be sent promptly at your online account without the knowledge of the user.
  • The details regarding the date and the time at which the message was sent and received will be known using this Stealthgenie application.
  • All the sms messages are uploaded to your online Stealthgenie control panel which can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • You can send message from the targeted phone to any number saved in the phone. The recipient will think that the message is send by the owner of the targeted phone.

Login with Stealthgenie for recording cell activities

Stealthgenie has been one of the powerful application used in mobile phones to keep track of the targeted mobile phone. WIth a simple login in Stealthgenie, you can monitor all the activities of any iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones. The targeted phone’s usage information and GPS location can be viewed from anywhere in the world within minutes. This application works in stealth mode which means that the targeted phone user will not be aware that his phone is being tracked. Stealth mode is same as that of invisible mode.

Stealthgenie comprises of the following features:

  • Simply login to Stealthgenie and you can track all the call logs, message logs.
  • Track of Instant messengers such as Facebook chats, Viber chats, Skype chats, BBM chats, iMessage chats and Whatsapp chats
  • Instant alerts can be set when the phone user communicates with a particular number or person either through a message or a call.
  • Chat conversations are monitored.
  • Internet activities are tracked

Cell record:

Stealthgenie has been an amazing application that keeps record of all activities undertaken in the phone be it a message or a call or a chat or browsing or any such similar activities. If your child is always tapping on the phone every time then no need of worries. Stealthgenie is a complete solution for all those who keep secrets in the mobile phone and wants secrecy of their data in the phone.


  • By simply logging into Stealthgenie, you can record all incoming and outgoing phone calls. Also records calls that are made to any specific numbers can also be tracked by Stealthgenie.
  • The entire call log can be uploaded to the online Stealthgenie control panel sitting anywhere in the world provided that you need an internet connection.
  • Stealthgenie facilitates the recording of these cal logs to your computer or just listen directly from the control panel at any time you want.
  • The files- both audio and video that are sent through these instant messengers can be viewed. They can either be saved to the computer or listen or watch directly from the online Stealthgenie control panel.
  • Stealthgenie looks at the BB pins of the blackberry devices that the target user has been chatting with.
  • Stealthgenie gets access to any photos, audios and videos that are all saved in the target’s phone.

Stealthgenie – gtalk spy

Stealthgenie is one of the most powerful monitoring software available in the market. With a simple login account of Stealthgenie, you will be offered with innovative features that go along with the updated technology and mobile applications. A complete capture of the tracked phone will be available using Stealthgenie. This includes monitoring of the calls sent and received; messages sent and received GPS location, internet activities, contact details etc. To make use of the Stealthgenie software, you need to first install Stealthgenie, and then login. All details regarding the targeted phone can be tracked from any computer in the world within minutes.

Stealthgenie comes with innovative features such as

  • All sms messages can be viewed- both sent and received messages.
  • Emails can be read and sent from the targeted phone.
  • Every calls can be monitored be it incoming or outgoing.
  • Access to all contacts and their details
  • All the internet activities that the owner of the targeted phone uses can be viewed.
  • GPS location can be tracked.

Gtalk and Stealthgenie Gtalk spy software:

Gtalk also known as Google Talk is the instant messaging service developed by Google. Gtalk works on Microsoft Windows, Blackberry, and Android and Chrome operating systems.

With Stealthgenie, all messages sent and received in Gtalk can be tracked even without the knowledge of the phone user. Stealthgenie is useful for parents, employers and spouses to monitor a targeted phone. Employers use Stealthgenie to make sure that the company data is not shared with unauthorized persons. Stealthgenie is a curse for those who keep lots of secrets in their phones.


  • With Stealthgenie, you can view all Gtalk chat conversations
  • When you login into Stealthgenie, you can view all the record of the email addresses and IM names of people with whom, the target has been chatting with.
  • All details regarding the chat such as date and time and place of chat will be known even without the knowledge of the target user.
  • All Gtalk conversations can be uploaded in the Stealthgenie control panel if you have an internet connection.
  • The contents in the chat conversation, can be identified using Stealthgenie spy software.