How can I track a mobile phone without them knowing

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If you are looking for tracking a person’s mobile phone without them knowing, then you have come to the right place. There are lot of software’s that can help you to trace your cheating spouse. Here’s how it all works.


Mobile spywares are to be used only for people with genuine reasons. Mobile spywares work discreetly without any noise (such as beep sounds during recordings) and are a great support to catch cheating spouses. They are not displayed in the targeted person’s phone and are quite prompt in doing their job.

Do note that when you are tracking a person’s mobile phone, you will be able to record any conversations initiated in chat messengers such as what’s app, skype or normal text messages (both received and sent). Apart from that another feature would be tracking the calls made during day and night. You will be able to detect the incoming and outgoing calls that have been done while you are out.

Another way to know your spouse is cheating on you would be to track his/her mobile phone with the help of using GPS tracking location. For eg: if you spouse claims to be in office while at a cafe, you will be able to trace it out with this GPS location tracker.

Currently, many mobile spywares come with the help of real time GPS tracking which means you will be able to track the user and the exact location he/she is currently in.

You can also use the mobile GPS tracker for bugging purposes i.e. if you want to listen to the conversation in the surrounding area, spywares can help you to record these conversations. Do use it for genuine reasons and not for manipulative purposes.

While using a mobile GPS tracker, there is a feature that helps you to detect the visited sites and the browsing history even though they have been deleted from the handset.

Mobile spywares that help you to track the targeted user and their current doings provides you with details that can be viewed online or can be downloaded at your discretion. You can also subscribe to sms alert which you will receive at your mobile at regular intervals.

Many mobile spywares can be downloaded free but once it is active they might charge you monthly or yearly fee. Check your targeted phone before downloading any software.