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Mobistealth is an advanced mobile spy applications that helps you to track the functions of any smart phone targeted in your mind.

How does mobistealth work:

Mobistealth is one of the topmost spywares that features very many tools to track the targeted phone. It is quite simple to download. Just install the app in the targeted phone and its ready to use. Now log in to the mobistealth website with the unique ID and password that has been provided to you and you can track all the information you require from the user’s phone.


Call recording and call logs:

With mobistealth spyware, you will get all the information about the caller which even includes the conversation that is recorded promptly. You can even check the call logs (i.e. incoming and outgoing) by using this mobile spyware.

Voice recording:

With mobistealth comes another spy call feature that enables you to listen to the surroundings of the phone. In that way you wil get an idea of the environment the phone user is currently in.

Messages (SMS) & Chat messengers:

The mobile spyware, Mobistealth also hunts down all the messages that have been received/sent from the targeted phone. If the person is using chat messengers such as what’s app, you will be able to record all the conversations that happen during the what’s app.

An additional feature of reverse phone look up (i.e. getting the name & other information of the user by looking up at the phone number in the targeted user’s sim) can also prevent many cyber bullying or cyber harassment. This feature is included in the new Mobistealth Pro version.

Video/Picture backups:

Mobistealth promptly takes a backup copy of all the videos or images that have been sent or received in the phone and forwards it to your mail address. This prohibits misuse of camera facility in phones.

Email logs, looking up websites:

Mobistealth contains another feature of looking up the mails that have been received or sent in the phone even if they are deleted immediately. Also, if your teenage kid has been visiting some unpleasant sites, then it will be immediately notified to you. Mobistealth tracks down the browser history, bookmarks etc. and alerts you via mail.

There are other features too in Mobistealth such as accessing the phone book, or notifying you when the sim card is switched. Mobistealth is one of the spywares that offers many advantages with a simple click. Once you have installed them, it provides easy access to all the information in the phone. It is compatible with almost every smart phones in the market such as Android, Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone etc. Make sure to check your compatibility before downloading.